Ryan Stegman signing at Legacy Comics January 9th!

By Chris Niles

Saturday December 22, 2012 10:23am

Issue #1 of Marvel Comics smash upcoming hit Superior Spider-Man releases on January 9th. Ryan Stegman Superior Spider-Man artist and all around cool guy has agreed to be at Legacy Comics on the release day to sign and sketch with the greatest comic fans in the world! He could have gone anywhere that day but chose to be at Legacy Comics right here in Laredo, TX! Don't miss the event of a lifetime!

Here is Ryan Stegmans Bio from www.cadencecomicart.com. Don't forget this awesome artist of the upcoming Superior Spider-Man title will be appearing at Legacy Comics on January 9th 2013!

Ryan Stegman was born in a drafty stable near Detroit. Ryan picked up crayons and drew on a wall; he was 18 years old. Shortly thereafter, he learned about pencils and paper. He was happy, as were his parents. After being "released" he decided that drawing comics was a good idea. He got all of his horrible drawings out of the way (well, most of them) and then got hired to draw the series "Midnight Kiss" for Markosia. He then found himself at Marvel providing art duties for the series Scarlet Spider, Fantastic Four and Superior Spider-man . Due to the restraints of a bulky ankle bracelet and poor hygiene, he is forced to stay indoors and draw.