Can I purchase and pay for items on the website?

This site is for ordering and subscribing only. Our site has a pull/subscribe function built into it. You can Pull and Subscribe to anything from the current Previews catalog or from previous and future months. You will receive an email when your item(s) have arrived and are ready to be picked up.

What is the difference between Pull and Subscribe?

Pull means you are ordering one specific item or issue. Subscribe means you are ordering an entire series as it releases. Each month the new issue will be placed in your pull box at Legacy Comics.

How long before my order will arrive?

Items that have previously released take between 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on the day ordered. Orders from the current Previews catalog are pre-orders for items that will release in two months. Items in the February Previews catalog release in April of the same year.

Do I need to prepay for items I order?

You normally pay for items as they arrive at Legacy Comics. The only exception is if you order an item with a price of $50 or greater. In that case you are required to leave a 50% deposit before the order is made. Once the items arrive you pay the remaining balance. If you change your mind and cancel the order the 50% down payment is refunded to you as a store credit only.

Do you offer any discounts?

Once your account is established and you have ten or more subscriptions you will receive a 10% discount on all of your new comic purchases. We also offer a 10% discount to Military, Law Enforcement, Teachers and Firefighters.

How often do I need to pick up my orders?

Items may stay in your pull box for a maximum of 14 days. After 14 days you are notified by email that your account has been suspended. While your account is suspended no new items will be placed in your box. You will have 14 days to complete the purchase of any overdue items in your box. If the overdue items have not been purchased by the end of the 14 day period your account is then closed.

Do you notify me when new items arrive?

Yes you will receive a pdf report each Tuesday as the order is processed. This report will show all of the new items that have been placed in your pull box. At anytime you can request a report of the contents of your pull box or a list of your subscriptions. We can print or email this report for you.

I don't have an email address can you call me?

Sorry, but with this many subscribers we are unable to contact you by telephone. Understand that you only need to come in once every 30 days and most comics release one issue every 30 days. While their are a few exceptions to this rule you should be just fine.​

What is the cut off date for Previews orders?

Each month your order from the current Previews catalog is due by the 21st. While you can order after this date we cannot guarantee your items will arrive on their release date.

 If I order after the cut off will  my items still arrive?

Each item will have an associated month code. It looks like this FEB12345. If the code for the item you are requesting matches the current month then you are ordering on time and will arrive by the release date. If the month code is for a month that has already passed we can still usually get the item(s) for you but they may not arrive by the release date. 

Can you get older items?

Once a certain story line or number of issues have been released they are no longer printed. The publishers soon after will release the issues in a collected HC or TPB format. In a few instances of very popular issues they will receive additional printings which may be available.

Will I be notified if my ordered item is cancelled?

If an item you have on order is cancelled by the distributor you will receive a notice via email with the reason it was cancelled. 

What are variants?

When new titles or important issues are released many times there are alternate covers by different artists available for the same issue. Retailers, like Legacy Comics, are able to order these alternate covers based on the amount of the original cover the shop orders. For example: For every 100 copies of Justice League #1 we order we  may order one copy of the Justice League #1 Variant A . For every 200 copies we order we can order one copy of Variant B. Fewer copies of the variant covers are created so they are more collectible and potentially more valuable. When setting up a subscription on our website you are able to view upcoming variants and choose if you would like to order them. The variants on arrival are priced according to current market value for that particular variant cover. The variants are sold to the customer that first ordered them. Due to the fact that we may not qualify for a particular variant or may not receive enough of them not everyone that orders a variant will receive one. Variants often carry a higher than cover price.

Can I order variants after they are released?

No. Once variants are released they are no longer available to order as the print numbers are kept low in order to maintain collectibility and potential value.

Will Annual issues be included with my subscriptions?

No. Annual issues are not included with subscriptions as not everyone wants them included. They are available for subscription or ordering separately.

Is there a charge to use the game room? 

The game room is available for use free of charge Monday-Friday. For events on Saturday and Sunday there is a $2 charge per person for groups larger than 10 people. For groups smaller than 10 players there is never a charge. For events involving a buy-in from store merchandise there is no charge. This fee has been established to help maintain the room with new chairs and tables.