Gaming - Heroclix Update

Happy Spring Break folks!!!

As the week winds down and we get ready to get back to school and such, what better way to close it out then by playing some Avengers vs. X-Men action.

Due to some website problems still going on, if you know someone who plays in the tournaments but doesn't get the emails, please let them know these conditions.

Ok, Month Three...what do we have for you guys?

We will be playing a hybrid 300-point tournament. First, you will declare your faction by bringing one figure from your chosen faction's starter set. That's right! Just bring one character! If you are declaring Avengers, then bring one from the Avengers Starter Set. If you are declaring X-Men, then bring one figure from the X-Men Starter Set. This figure will be declared when you pay and written in the record then; it cannot be changed.

Where are the other points coming from? Well, you will need to buy one booster of Invincible Iron Man and fill up your team with whatever you get from that booster. The figures chosen from the booster automatically lose all of their keywords. The one and only keyword will be your chosen faction. So, in other words, if you get Freak, then he loses keywords "Brute" and "Stark Industries". If you have chosen the Avengers, then he will only have the "Avengers" keyword. Pretty cool, huh? That way you are almost guaranteed a theme team.

There you have it! A 300 point team made up of one starter set figure of your choice and one booster of Invincible Iron Man.

Now, as before, we have participation prizes for those that complete all three rounds. If you have to leave or you forfeit, then you lose your privileges for these prizes. We need to be fair. Everyone will be getting the Emma Frost Phoenix Fragment for their collection. Plus, depending on what faction you chose, you will be receiving an LE. For the X-Men faction players, you will be getting the Hope LE figure. For the Avengers faction players, you will be getting the Professor X LE figure. Just for participating...

Participation prizes are very limited so be sure to get there early and register. You have been warned.

Now, the first, second, and fellowship prize is the LE of the White Phoenix Hope. A beautiful piece, I might add. Two lightning bolts and a whopping 10 range??!! Winning!!!

The only other thing you can bring to the game is your standard or ultra-heavy objects. That's it! Everything else is NOT allowed.

We will be starting at 7 pm and playing three rounds of 30 minutes each. Please notice: 30 MINUTE ROUNDS!!!

Let's have a great tourney and I hope to see you all there!

See you on the flip side,

Be there!